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For us at MONTANA-CANS, it is immeasurably important to have a close connection to our friends and partners who use our tools. This need for a close correlation has led us to support and sponsor an amazing amount of incredible events and projects, and helped us to establish collaborations with numerous artists, brands and partners. We are grateful to be in a position to be able to provide this kind of support, and thankful for the abundance of inspirations and ideas that artists and collaboration partners from all across the world share with us. We make it a point to feature these projects and collaborations on our blog and and social media channels, but because of the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the internet, we have decided it was time to create a printed collection which contains merely a small fraction of the creative work we have been involved in over the past years. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.COM

62 Reunion of the greats

62 Reunion of the greats at the Pera Museum

The 2014 „Language of the Wall“ exhibition, which was held in the Pera Museum in Istanbul, was called to our attention by a featured artist-duo who have deep ties to the MONTANA brand. Turkey has been rattled by political tension and a religious imbalance causing unrest and strain on the society. Promises of civil right improvements have been put on hold and the conditions for freedom of speech have been changed for the worse under the current administration, developing a deep seated frustration in the pro-western population in Turkey. Istanbul, which was elected the European Capital of Culture in 2010, is a metropolis for art, music, theatre and architecture - the Pera Museum being a invaluable pillar of support to these facets. 63

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