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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG

NA WAS The BLACK artist

NA WAS The BLACK artist edition can #8 was not designed by an artist. We decided to change things up a bit, so instead, we upped the ante by inviting a whole crew to do what they do best. The NAWAS crew (Night Watchmen) from Belgium are top-end designers, illustrators and photographers by day, but by night, they don their smocks, balaclavas and fool’s caps to roam the streets and fulfill their deep-seated yearning to become urban art super heroes. After taking time to consider our broad assortment of colors, the NAWAS crew had made their decision, and selected our BLK 6005 „Acid“ as their color of choice. During the creation of the design, the team focused on emphasizing the title of the color by creating the theme of the design. The whole design screams acid in a hazardous zombie apocalypse-kind of way. A zombie hand can be seen pouring a bright green liquid into what becomes the NAW-ACID with a skull and bones floating in the puddle at the bottom of the can. It was to be expected that their strong orientation towards scene-writing would be reflected in the design of the litho. We are thrilled with the outcome and believe that the essence of the color has been portrayed to a T. 14

D MOTE We are proud to feature DMOTE in our BLACK artist series. DMOTE is an Australian-born artist, based in New York, who has gained respect all across the globe. His artistic footprint can be found on nearly every continent and his influence has definitely changed the aesthetics on the streetscape of the universal graffiti scene. Of course, when he agreed to design a BLACK artist edition can for us, we were absolutely thrilled. He picked our BLK 3155 „Purple Rain“, and we think it reflects his artistic diversity and matches the quirky characteristics of his style very well. For the design of his can, DMOTE used the reoccurring theme of droplets, incorporating the color into his design. Staying within the color family, he has created a litho design that is definitely one-of-a-kind, emphasizing the use of geometric shapes to create a layered look. Over the years, DMOTE has managed to move beyond the graffiti drawing of his youth into the multi-faceted realms of design, illustration, painting, curation and fine art; all the while cleverly combining and shifting his emphasis to his liking. This is exactly what makes his visual presence so determined, energetic and with both feet in the street. We love DMOTE‘s new can design and are hyped with the way it fits the can, the color, and the artist. 15

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