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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG

Murals in the market We

Murals in the market We know for a fact how right she is, because we get to see the powerful effect urban art has on community spirit, and how it generates an eagerness to identify with ones hometown. Art brings people of all different backgrounds together, which is exactly why Murals in the Market has been so successful in the past two years. Detroit’s diversity fuels not only its creativity, but also it’s yearning for mural art. The 1xRun Team has curated more than 100 Largescale murals throughout the City of Detroit. For last year’s festival, they put together an incredible roster of more than 50 artists including world renowned artists such as Felipe Pantone, 1010, Cey Adams, Mr. Jago, Slick and so many more. Also, props to videographer Selina Miles for her great job on capturing all the special moments of this event. The Brisbane-based film director and self-proclaimed nomad is known for her documentations on street art and graffiti, and she has also has made commercials for huge brands. All together this event has given Detroit some much needed fresh spirit and fostered forward momentum in community spirit and in the acknowledgement of urban art. We’re pleased to be involved as a sponsor and proud of the festival’s development. Of course, we’re also really looking forward to this year’s edition. 42

LOOKBOOK 017 images by Selina Miles 43

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