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The Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020 – Looking back to move forward to a new generation Seeing 2019 come to end was a particularly exciting thing. Not only were we the team at Montana-Cans excited by the things to come, but we also enjoyed the chance to reflect and pay tribute to all the creators, partners and supporters that helped make all we achieved possible. Ending 2019 was also joined with the realization that we had just ended a decade and started a new generation. For this very reason, the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020 is jammed packed with exceptional content. Available now in limited hard copies and digitally in the link below, we took time to revisit some of the pivotal moments, like the progress of the Montana BLACK Artist Can Series featuring DEMS and RAGE, the biggest ever Montana Cans logo mural in the LA spray day. We took a peek at the lives of the movers and shakers like Odeith and his very unique take on painting, the LOW BROS at METROPOLINK. We took some time to see the world at the home of SOBEKCIS. We shared some words with HOW & NOSM while they were working on an epic mural for the Boulevard 13 project in Paris. Artists such as Amber Vittoria and DMOTE let us into their studios to share some of their more private works. For the more under the radar artworks, we featured some of the works of veterans of steel in the form of the U.S TCI crew and their efforts on the freight trains. While OSMAN flew the European flag for innovative commuter train artwork. And while in Europe (or at least for now still in Europe), we put the magnifying glass on the UK exposing some refreshing approaches to graffiti by VOYDER, 45RPM, and PREF. "Bring The Paint" beeped heavily on the international event radar, bringing world-class graffiti art and muralism together in one space. While far away over the ocean the team at POW! WOW! and the GREETINGS TOUR teams moved from strength to strength making the international art calendar a monumental one. All this and more. With a big THANK YOU we invite you to spend some time and take a look at the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020.


AMBER VITTORIA Photography Jordan Katz / Montana-Cans NEW YORK artist Profile IG @amber_vittoria Video The ACRYLIC marker and paint range has done a lot of yards with traditional graffiti artists. Thats why it is even more inspiring when super talented artists not in that discipline take the materials to a whole new level, or better yet a new location. Introducing New York based artist, Amber Vittoria. With an instagram bio sentence stating »Dismantling societal tropes set upon women«, we knew we were going to be in for something special when we invited her to feature in the latest Montana-Cans Acrylic Series film. And Vittoria didn’t disappoint. ↗ Brush work, marker line work and vibrant color. Vittoria‘s work welcomes it all. → Her ability to characterize and yet humanize makes her an ideal candidate for commercial artwork. → → In the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, Vittoria’s work is a breath of fresh air. 102 Acrylic Series AMBER VITTORIA

Acrylic Series AMBER VITTORIA 103

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