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Montana LOOKBOOK #08 / 2023

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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2023 Issue #8 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2023 edition #8. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment".

graffitiartistgospelintroducingSinging praise for one ofGreece's finestThere are many schools of thought regarding the names, words, and letters used tocreate graffiti. Do they have a meaning, what do they symbolize, or do the letters lookgood in combination with each other? These are all questions that graffiti writers will askthemselves at some point in time, and the viewers of their work will ask themselves fromthe beginning.LocationAthens, GreecePhotographyGospelProfile@gospel.ath↖ Some of GOSPEL’ssignature style elements;masks, tracksuitclothing, sneakers,and workersvests.34 Artist in focus/Interview Gospel

→ With a tendence tolimited color palettes,GOSPEL’s imagery isunlimited.Pure forms, solid colors, and a noticeableinfluence of his native Greek cultureThe Greek artist GOSPEL stirs up our thoughts ashis whole graffiti identity has been built up on aword that itself conjures up a maze of possibleinterpretations. To add to the mystery of the useof the word GOSPEL as a tag, his artwork also lights ourimaginations with the skilled delivery of pure forms,solid colors, and a noticeable influence of his nativeGreek culture regarding his color palette and pictorialsymbolism.Any color as long as it's white, black, red,or blueBorn in Karditsa in 1990, GOSPEL is a multidisciplinaryartist which particular strengths in graffiti, murals, andillustration. Residing in Athens, it is not just there thatyou can see his unforgettable works, however, it isundeniable the influence and presence Athens haswithin it. GOSPEL's designs capture a healthy blend ofGreek culture and graffiti culture references which findthemselves captured in his unique use of solid colorlayers. Mostly in variations of white, black, red, andblue. All of these are thrown down with his favoriteMontana GOLD and BLACK cans.A groove that he has taken ownershipof with reoccurring practiceslike letters without outlines, andsteering away from fades, and alldone with the perfection of thespray can.The graffiti scene in Athens, although receivingits deserved shine a little late in its development bythe greater graffiti audience, offers many strongreferences for GOSPEL to play on. Bombed trains insideand out, masked identities, hooded writers in classicgraffiti uniforms, Greek gods, and mythology. Thesereferences all find their way into his various interpretations.Adding to the mix the full array of graffiti elementssuch as informed letter structure, well-executedhand styles, arrows, and opaque fill-ins, GOSPEL hasfound a niche that is truly his own. A groove that he hastaken ownership of with reoccurring practices likeletters without outlines, and steering away from fades,and all done with the perfection of the spray can.Through our recent collaboration with GOSPELin the creation of his Montana Cotton Bag designs, wethought it an appropriate time to ask those unansweredquestions about who GOSPEL is and what GOSPELstands for.An interview with GOSPELMontana CansThe word GOSPEL is often connected with the practiceof singing songs of religious praise. And in a lot ofcases in modern-day Christianity. But what does thisword mean to you and how did you take ownership of itfor the purpose of graffiti?GOSPELWell. This is a question I have been asked by manypeople I have met so far during my artistic journey. Theanswer may seem a little funny or childish to you. Itcomes from my favorite hip-hop song "Ghetto Gospel".Tupac was and still is my favorite rapper. This trackcame out around the time I was taking my first stepsArtist in focus/Interview Gospel35

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