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Montana LOOKBOOK #08 / 2023

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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2023 Issue #8 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2023 edition #8. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment".

into the graffiti world.

into the graffiti world. I can't explain it exactly but forsome reason, that's why this particular word created alot of emotions for me and I started to write it on thewalls and my school desk. At that time my friends and Icreated our first graffiti crew. Very beautiful times that Ioften miss. As the years went by and I followed morecareer path in the field of art, I sometimes thoughtabout changing my tag to something more mature, butin the end, I concluded that I had become attached to itand nothing else filled me as the word GOSPEL does.Just because it reminded me (and still reminds me) ofwhere I started and with whom. This signature, therefore,encloses a beautiful part of my life and my artisticcareer up to this day.MCThe colors black, white, blue, and red play a strong rolein your work. What are the origins of this color choice?GI am a sea lover. I consider it to be one of the mostimportant pieces of Greek culture. I spent all mychildhood summers on a beautiful island in the northernAegean called Limnos. This particular island is mymother's birthplace. There I fell in love with the blue Icould see on the fishermen's boats and the windows ofthe houses on the island. I was also always struck byhow beautifully this blue blended with the sunlight-whitewalls and red flowers of the island. As wellas the red life jackets of the ships I traveled on. Thiscombination of these colors from an early age createdvery beautiful feelings for me. Over the years, and afterhaving tried many different techniques, around 2018 Iended up with this color palette adding the black colorto give more contrast. Since then it has been my maincolor identity with small additions of blue, pink, andgray tones from time to time.MCWhich colors in the Montana BLACK or GOLD range areyou using for these 4 colors?GI use to paint with Montana BLACK. My favorite colorsare “Lollipop’’ and ”Horizon”. They work perfectly withblack and white.I was also always struck by howbeautifully this blue blended withthe sunlight-white walls and redflowers of the island. As well as thered life jackets of the ships I traveledon.← A little of everythingfrom Greek graffiticulture, GOSPELmerges multiple visualmessages with theGreek subway carserving as the gluefor them all.36 Artist in focus/Interview Gospel

↑ “Protect What LeftAlive”. With little detailthis picture is clearthat we need to protectour environment.← Visual communication.Depth and emotioncaptured in theclever use of 4 solidcolors.When it comes to the graffiti sidethere is a very strong core of talentedpeople in both its illegal andlegal forms.MCYour work often portrays masked figures, with tracksuits,sneakers, and baseball caps on. Is this theunwritten uniform for writers in Athens?GTo a certain extent yes. Of course, I also add the elementof fantasy to the way I portray my characters. Ialso borrow a lot of ideas from vintage clothing and old90s football team looks.MCDo you see your artwork as uniquely Greek? And how doyou feel when its context changes due to its location?(i.e. Does a classic GOSPEL piece function equally aswell in London or Sydney as it does in Athens in youropinion?)GI created this style thinking of combining the Greekelement with the graffiti culture. But I don't think thatthis particular style is only for my country. On thecontrary, I borrow pieces of Greek culture to turn theminto a global design language through my images, justlike graffiti.MCWhat is the source for much of the symbolism you usein your work?GI paint mainly themes from the graffiti area as well asthe urban environment. One of the main symbols of mywork is the hidden faces of my characters. Apart fromthe fact that the hidden face is intertwined with thegraffiti, it also gives the possibility, in my opinion, to theviewer to identify more easily with the character of theimage, as well as to create his own story around himwith his imagination. I believe that when you show yourface people are more engaged with it. Whereas whenyou hide it, you transfer the power to your actions andcreate a myth and a mystery around them. For me, it'snot so much the faces that matter, but the ideas behindthem. This is what I try to capture through my characters.MCLiving in a city like Athens with all its history andheritage, what is your point of view on which buildings,walls, or surfaces you can or cannot paint on? Are thereany rules you guys abide by that outsiders may not beaware of or is everything fair game?Artist in focus/Interview Gospel37

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