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Montana LOOKBOOK 2018

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The new MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2018 out now featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. At MONTANA-CANS we benefit, as a team and as company, from working closely with creative heads, our friends and partners. In return, it is our pleasure to support events, projects and artists. In our opinion, a fruitful cooperation is the source for creativity, development and growth on all levels. We are fortunate and grateful for the fact that we are approached by artists and collaboration partners alike, who have incredible ideas and inspirations, is something that we are very thankful for. Also check the previous issues MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2016 and 2017


THE MONTANA ACRYLIC SERIES He has had numerous “odd jobs”, including working as a stage-builder, working at a fish market and as a call center agent. But in 2008 he completed his studies to become a graphic designer and now he works as a freelance artist and has constructed a universe full of surreal characters, clever retro futuristic flickered shapes and has quite a long list of publications, solo shows and group exhibitions to show for it. We had the chance to visit his studio and closely observe his creative process which not only includes watching how he uses the Montana Cans tools, but also getting involved with his imagery and so on. GREEN combines a pastel color scheme with his graffiti aesthetic, and his preference of Montana ACRYLIC shades, as well as 2mm, 15mm and 50mm markers. With extra wide marker tips he can achieve extensive coverage in a short amount of time, whilst still working with a 100% precision tool. His designs involved large areas to be covered with one color, and that is why he also uses Montana GOLD spray paint for uniform, fast and easy coverage on his artworks. 144


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