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Montana LOOKBOOK 2018

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The new MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2018 out now featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. At MONTANA-CANS we benefit, as a team and as company, from working closely with creative heads, our friends and partners. In return, it is our pleasure to support events, projects and artists. In our opinion, a fruitful cooperation is the source for creativity, development and growth on all levels. We are fortunate and grateful for the fact that we are approached by artists and collaboration partners alike, who have incredible ideas and inspirations, is something that we are very thankful for. Also check the previous issues MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2016 and 2017

154 “We see how art

154 “We see how art makes such a difference in community.” Photography by Jeremy Filmsmore, Shayne Woodsmith Rust Magic have invited dozens of graffiti artists from around the world over the past years and to give some of the city's buildings a new face and spirit. Montana-Cans has been a loyal supporter of the Rust Magic event which has become one of the main graffiti festivals in Canada. During the festivals activities, the city of Edmonton, Alberta is converted into a popping open-air museum for one weekend where a selection of walls and trucks were happily face lifted with a new, vibrant look. We had the chance to talk with one of the invited female artists, Carly Ealey and she affirmed: “Edmonton is a rad little city that is really embracing the graffiti and street art cultures. The curators and fellow artists were insanely supportive and made me feel like family. At the time, it was my largest mural to date which was an exciting challenge. The festival was a welcoming environment to grow as an artist and overall cool experience." of uncertainty and unrest concerning the world we live in, Carly stated. So much space and lifeless walls, their past event gave enough room to the 23 artists who attended the event. It was a mix of homegrown superstars like Amuse, Stare NME, Wane and Stash, as well as some other international names. The renowned US artist Wane One painted his first train in 1983, subway cars and walls would become his preferred medium. Having such legendary graffiti artists such as Wane being part of this festival in Alberta, validates and highlights the importance of graffiti in our culture and this city. The city has got international love and the initiative to starting up Rust Magic is most definitely putting them on the map. At the most recent festival, she painted two female characters. One of them floats among the jellyfish. She feels the energy of their glowing bodies as they reflect their unique hues back onto her. They drift like thoughts through her mind, stirring up deep emotions “We see how art makes such a difference in community,” affirmed Toledo, one of the founders and organizers. “We wanted to bring that here because there’s such an obvious lack of it.” 155

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