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MontanaCans Lookbook 2019

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Every organisation that was built up on passion and a love of what they do, finds themselves more and more pro-active in their work each year. Montana Cans is no exception as we strive to make the best cans on earth. But that is no excuse to reflect on all the extra curriculum activities like collaborations, festival, project and artist support that happen through the year as well. After all this helped create history. The Montana Cans LOOKBOOK gives an outlet to remember, reflect and reward those who deserve a little extra attention with some extra glow of the spotlight. With great pleasure, we announce the online release of the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2019, looking back at some of the highlights of 2019. This edition delves into many projects such as the Montana Cans limited edition cans that featured Mina & Bruce (plus interview), Felipe Pantone, Most and Flying Förtress. We reminisce on the cool collabo's we were involved in with Happy Socks, Good Guy Boris and Reebok Sneakers. We get re-inspired by feature articles on artists IMAGINE, THE LONDON POLICE, FRAU ISA, 1010 and 1UP CREW. We take a look at some of the urban art festivals that raised the bar even higher like METROPOLINK, POW!WOW ROTTERDAM and the THE BERLIN MURAL FESTIVAL. With eyes wide open we scratch under the surface of some alternative disciplines within graffiti culture. The spotlight gets turned on ABSTRACT LETTERING, GRAFFITI ON FREIGHTS and CALLIGRAFFITI. We share some knowledge on the new products like the Montana BLACK INFRA colors and Montana BOLD marker line, which took the industry by storm. Just as the special moment that was the grand opening of the MONTANA STORE VIENNA with our industry partners CONCRETE, did. All this and more over 160 enthralling full color pages.


LOOKBOOK 019 METROPOLINK FESTIVAL 2018 Metropolink Festival 2018 www. metropolink-festival .net

Taking spaces in Heidelberg, Germany In 2018, the METROPOLINK Festival has reached its 4th consecutive year running. And as a proud supporter, Montana-Cans and all the onlookers saw another diverse line up of internationally recognized and very talented artists do their thing. With diversity being the key word, just some of the artists featured this year were HERAKUT, QUINTESSENZ, KERA, JAN PAUL and SWEET UNO. With a generous supply of walls through out the Heidelberg district, and abundance of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans did what they were made to do in the creation of many large-scale murals. With a unique mix of the inhabited and uninhabited, many walls painted were on old US army barrack buildings located in the now sought after development district of Heidelberg. Each building brought with it a certain mystique, adding to the final outcome of artwork being created on it. With the scent of military personnel being long gone, the smell of acrylic paint and Montana Cans was the relevant fragrance of choice. No two artworks the same, the festival explored the whole gamut of street art, fine art and graffiti. As far as the eye could see, color was creeping up on every square meter of brick. Daunting eyes, linear graphic work, and typographic graffiti-ism. Photography by Daniel Schreiber 143

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