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MontanaCans Lookbook 2019

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Every organisation that was built up on passion and a love of what they do, finds themselves more and more pro-active in their work each year. Montana Cans is no exception as we strive to make the best cans on earth. But that is no excuse to reflect on all the extra curriculum activities like collaborations, festival, project and artist support that happen through the year as well. After all this helped create history. The Montana Cans LOOKBOOK gives an outlet to remember, reflect and reward those who deserve a little extra attention with some extra glow of the spotlight. With great pleasure, we announce the online release of the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2019, looking back at some of the highlights of 2019. This edition delves into many projects such as the Montana Cans limited edition cans that featured Mina & Bruce (plus interview), Felipe Pantone, Most and Flying Förtress. We reminisce on the cool collabo's we were involved in with Happy Socks, Good Guy Boris and Reebok Sneakers. We get re-inspired by feature articles on artists IMAGINE, THE LONDON POLICE, FRAU ISA, 1010 and 1UP CREW. We take a look at some of the urban art festivals that raised the bar even higher like METROPOLINK, POW!WOW ROTTERDAM and the THE BERLIN MURAL FESTIVAL. With eyes wide open we scratch under the surface of some alternative disciplines within graffiti culture. The spotlight gets turned on ABSTRACT LETTERING, GRAFFITI ON FREIGHTS and CALLIGRAFFITI. We share some knowledge on the new products like the Montana BLACK INFRA colors and Montana BOLD marker line, which took the industry by storm. Just as the special moment that was the grand opening of the MONTANA STORE VIENNA with our industry partners CONCRETE, did. All this and more over 160 enthralling full color pages.

When we work with

When we work with artists who become featured on the Montana BLACK Limited Edition can series, we like to know what lies below the surface of their artistic skin. It is not always possible to get the dirt on an artist, so when we managed to speak to MINA and BRUCE about the 15th edition of the Montana BLACK LimitEd Edition Artist Series, we were twice as excited. Here is a little insight on what makes them tick and how the project fit within their art practice. Montana Cans just released the limited BLACK Artist Edition cans with your designs. Are you happy with the result of your work? MINA & BRUCE: Yes, we are very happy with the outcome of the cans! Maybe the both of you could introduce yourself shortly – where do you come from and where do you live / work currently? BRUCE: I’m originally from Paris. I lived in Berlin, Germany for about 5 years and I currently live and work in Belgium. MINA: My studio base is in Berlin at the moment. I am travelling a lot and living from time to time in different places. Like Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris. Your roots are within classic Graffiti writing. What did Graffiti mean to you in the past and what’s the value nowadays for the development of your art? MINA: Yes, our roots are within classic graffiti writing, which is still very important to us now as it was in the past. For me both within my life and my artistic work. My studio work is inspired by the formal language of my graffiti, but in an abstract way. The energy I feel when I’m painting outdoors is a constant motor and motivator for my studio work. When did you start writing Graffiti? Who did you influence at that time? BRUCE: I started painting graffiti in the mid-nineties when I was a teenager. I recall I was about 15 years old. I used to look at a lot of graffiti pieces around the city. Once, I found out that an older guy from my school was the person painting them. I started talking to him and asked if it was possible to paint with him and how? That’s how it all started. Your paintings are shown in galleries and can be seen in the streets. Do you relate more to your street based work, or work for the gallery context? MINA: I have to admit, I love both. When did you meet Mina for the first time? BRUCE: I met Mina 8 years ago in Paris during an opening event. We got to talking and decided to go painting the day after. What does it mean to you to be printed on a limited edition Montana spray can? MINA: It is a honour for our work to be featured on a limited edition Montana BLACK spray can. At the same time it means an appreciation of our work and a recognition of us as artists. And for me personally, also my contribution to the graffiti culture. You did an Artist Edition of Montana BLACK – which color did you pick and why? BRUCE: I chose the ICE BLUE color, I like pastel colors and it reminds me of Berlin winters. 26

MINA: I chose the color “Olymp”, because the mint shade is fresh and one of my favourite high covering colors. Tell us something about your work. BRUCE: I started by painting walls, then quickly switched to trains for many years. After a while, I went back to doing walls. I started doing more bombing in the streets because for me, it’s more interesting. I like walking in the streets, painting easy and doing quick throwups. I don’t want to spend too long in front of one wall. Sometimes I will add eyes, hands or feet which makes kind of a mix between a throw-up and a character. But the main focus and the most important thing for me is doing short, quick pieces. This I like the most. How would you describe the subject of your designs with your own words? MINA: My design represents the goddess Athena, the most famous greek goddess and one of the twelve olympic deities. She is the goddess of art, wisdom, strategy and war. Not to mention the goddess and namesake of the Greek city of Athens. What does Graffiti mean for you? BRUCE: To me graffiti is a kind of freedom. It’s real freedom. You paint for yourself and for your friends, wherever and whenever you want. It’s also a kind of sport. Some people play football, I like to do graffiti. What’s the importance of spray cans for your paintings and why did you choose to work with lacquer? MINA: Spray cans are my tool of choice and my preferred material to paint outdoors. What do you like about Montana BLACK? BRUCE: You don’t lose any time when you paint. The pressure is high and the coverage is great. That’s perfect for me. If you could pick any spot to paint with your BLACK Artist Edition, where would it be and what would you paint? MINA: I would love to paint the Mina Athena in Athens. What are your plans for the future? MINA & BRUCE: Keep on going, never give up! Thanks guys for the interview! 27

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