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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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MC There was a while

MC There was a while there where your pieces were predominantly black and white, or at least monochrome (e.g., black & silver). Were you also doing color pieces at the time, or was it a conscious act to return to basics? And when you did do color pieces, was there a greater sense of satisfaction with those as opposed to the monochrome works? ← Context can be everything. In NO- MAD’s case, there never seems to be a wrong context for his work. ↑ Less is more. Finding the balance between curved shapes and geometry is hard to do when you mainly use black and white and have nowhere to hide your errors. ↓ A great quality of NOMAD’s work is knowing how to exploit context. Something abandoned spaces offer plentifully. N.O.MADSKI For a long time, I had always painted very large and elaborate concept walls. But it always bothered me that both writers and ordinary viewers only praised the colors or the figures. The styles were usually not looked at properly at all. That made me very frustrated because painting styles and evolving my writing has been my focus for over 25 years. This situation was so unsatisfactory, that I decided to totally rely on my roots. If the style of writing is so important to me, I must put it in the foreground. And above all, I wanted to show the ordinary viewer that you can also transport things through the style of writing alone. That was where the idea that I call KRYPTOGRAFF got started. Colors are secondary here; this is all about the style of writing as a means of artistic expression. This step was really liberating. I am sure that graffiti can also convince without requiring any illustrative accessories, or elements of graphic design. In my own opinion, the core of graffiti remains to be the writing, even if you can get more attention nowadays (apparently), with illustrative decoration. In the end, I understand this path as one series of my work. In between this series I have also painted other pieces naturally. As a rule, I always act according to the motto of doing what I feel like doing. MC How did your interest in your new “plastic film” series arise? Did it come from experiments you made within other paintings, or did you see something that made you want to try and create that effect? Colors are secondary here; this is all about the style of writing as a means of artistic expression. This step was really liberating. 110 Interview Nomad

→ Just as progressive in the studio, NOMAD’s work takes us to graffiti and beyond. Interview Nomad 111

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