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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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Sister hood A

Sister hood A ‘SISTERHOOD’ in graffiti culture Location worldwide Photography Sisterhood Profile @sisterhood.graffiti Even if graffiti is the thread that connects all writers, we can all agree that it makes things even easier if whoever you are painting with speaks the same language as you do. This is not a concept that needs more explanation for the SISTERHOOD. Brought together by their common passion for graffiti, being all-female is yet another thread that takes the group further and makes their experience even more fulfilling. Since the beginning of Hip Hop culture as we know it, girls have been an integral part of graffiti writing culture. Not on the peripheral, not on the side-lines, and definitely not as understudies to the male-dominated head figures that later rose to prominence as the ‘originators’ of the culture. → On the lines at night, a previously maledominated world. However, making art and emptying cans is not a gender dependent topic. 124 Street Report / Interview Sisterhood

Street Report / Interview Sisterhood 125

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