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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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LOCK DOWN ON LOck Or how to make it through 2020 Text @team_flightmode Special thanks to all contributing artists & partners Photography @iamlaia @koolfunc88 @waneonecod @cloakwork @kae_67 @__lafranz__ @clicks05 @pshines_aow RIBES ALONE 1 Last year was a bizarre period, certainly one for the books. At the beginning of January 2020, reports of an unknown syndrome started to appear on the news sporadically. There had been an outbreak in a Chinese metropolis. That city was Wuhan and, the mysterious illness became one of the most frequently used words all over the world in that year: Corona. A new kind of virus, SARS COV-2, to be exact, causing a disease called Covid-19. Apparently, it was very contagious and possibly dangerous. Precautions were taken to prevent further prevalence, but it had been too late. A pandemic had started. Corona has been spreading relentlessly around the world ever since. 2 14 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

“I remember watching the entire beginning of the pandemic in China on television. I thought this would never spread to the rest of the world”, Laia recognizes with a sense of disbelief when asked about how she remembers the beginning of 2020. “I thought it would be one more catastrophe, like all those that are experienced in many countries but end quickly.” Country after country was affected. Skeptical and hesitant reactions soon turned into pure paranoia, which seemed to morph into a kind of fatigue or negligence over time. Both individuals and governments acted upon the new circumstances. All of a sudden, our globalized world showed direct downsides of connectivity. Amongst others, traveling was identified as a catalyst of the pandemic. It comes as no surprise also Graffiti culture would become affected eventually, as societies struggled to tackle the new situation on all levels. Fist bumps, hand sanitizer, social distancing, contact restrictions, remote work, superspreaders. Video calls, home workouts, homeschooling, home office, systematically relevant professions, curfews, travel restrictions, lockdowns. Some buzzwords gained momentum quickly. They manifest how language both mimics and shapes our way of thinking. What’s more, these concepts reveal a whole new set of rules and external factors that changed our behavior and modified our reality to a new normal. The world was changing fast, and we tried to adjust. But was it all just bad? 3 Country after country was affected. Skeptical and hesitant reactions soon turned into pure paranoia, which seemed to morph into a kind of fatigue or negligence over time. 4 Dissecting this pandemic’s symptoms and semantics could make one think writers should have been the first ones to adjust. Writers are used to disguising their faces, often wearing gloves and respirators for protection. Habits that were widespread already prepandemic in our niche became the norm. But writers also usually love to travel, and they are rather free-spirited beings that do not respond well to restrictions. The world never felt more at stake in recent years than in 2020. Not to mention other challenging issues: open racism, institutional violence, fake news, presidential elections in the United States, Brexit, Moria, and sadly, this list could go on. The bushfires in Australia were no metaphor; the world was, in fact, burning. 1 ALONE, taking a moment to observe, seeing if the air is clear. 2 Is this steel still safe to hold weight? RIBES putting the iconic bolt cutters to good use, ensuring they don't gather rust in Lockdown. 3 Just because there is a pandemic, doesn't mean it doesn't get hot. WANE bringing the heat regardless of the conditions. 4 LAIA keeping it smiley while sporting her own design Montana Cans TAKE AWAY cotton bag. Montana Cans Lockdown on lock 15

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