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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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SPRAY CATION More than just a vacation → Collect them all. The Montana Cans Spraycation patches are the boy scout patches for graffiti writers. Location Worldwide Photography Edward Nightingale ProfileS @montanacans @sprayvacation In the early days of graffiti writing history, ‘KINGing’ your city was the name of the game. Your checklist before every mission was simple and clear; cans, caps, bag, appropriate clothing... Check. What started out as a neighborhood-by-neighborhood conquest, soon spread to other boroughs, cities, and eventually the globe. With the world of the graffiti writer opening, traveling to make their art became a greater part of their everyday reality. 66 Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack

STRAY CAT Leaving the safety and security of their homes, the STRAY CAT would rather explore its neighborhood to extend its turf and mark its new territory. GISELA The Berlin G series subway trains have lovingly acquired the nickname GISELA. With its corrugations, it is considered reminiscent of the Mother of all subway models, the New York Metro. Whether you are a train spotting nerd or a roughneck graffiti writer, getting one in front of your camera’s lens can make a visit to Berlin, unforgettable. TUNNEL RAT It doesn’t matter which subway tunnel you find yourself deep within, anywhere around the world. They always smell like home. FREIGHT TRAIN With no fixed address, but at home in every city, the freight train has not only been a means of movement for hobo’s and writers, but they have also become a much-loved surface for colors and burners. And it doesn’t matter if they have a little rust. GERMAN QUALITY The most loved quote, happily seen on any product the world over. Made in Germany is a symbol of reliability and quality that can see you through any of your adventures, regardless of the conditions. Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack 67

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