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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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With yet another line-up

With yet another line-up of European graffiti stars, names like Rookie the Weird, Zay, Pout, Birne, Most, Mynt, Nomad, and Semor, could be seen painting the new underpass location, rocking in graffiti writing harmony. On this day, the term “LOCKDOWN” gained new meaning as each writer locked down their pieces in unprecedented graffiti stylewriting. ↑ ZAY doing his part his part on the right with the Montana BLACK colors popping off the black background. ↖ MOST taking the left in a concept piece with JBCB team member Zay. ← Over, under, wherever. All space is used and filled with glorious color. ↓ Pout shows that innovation is a must. 82 Recap Corona Dampf 2020

Recap corona Dampf 2020 83

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