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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG


EMOJIVANDALS Being a part of an art scene makes you very much aware that a picture can say much more than any single word or even a sentence ever could. This is why we have acted on the necessity of having graffiti-based Emojis for your everyday texting habits. There is nothing left to prevent the everyday vandal of 2016 from appropriately communicating his or her needs with this exclusive set of characters. The iOS App #emojivandals for convenient iMessage stickers are not only available for download, but they’re also available as smoothly looped GIF‘s or MP4‘s for desktop use. We’ve got you covered from your bolt cutter to your lookout emoji, including graffiti specialists‘ most trusted very cool Montana BLACK can emoji. We’ve also been notified that some Emojis escaped and landed on a few selected Montana BLACK cans, which have been randomly packed with our regular BLACK cans and have found their way onto the shelves of your favorite Montana distributers. Oh no! Emojivandals have also left their mark in Germany’s capital in form of a huge painted Emojivandal overlooking the princess garden – complete with Hashtag #emojivandals. iMessage EMOJIVANDAL STICKER APP available at the Appstore Because of their unlimited coolness, we then decided to dedicate a limited edition can to these cool dudes, which was available separately in a few selected stores, in addition to a few collectable merch items such as Stickers and iron on patches. If you’re as crazy about them as we are, you can check them out at their own private domain: These dudes are a part of the Montana family now. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME Grab your EmojiVandals today and spread them with your friends 10

to GiVE modErn Vandals thE Vocabulary thEy nEEd, wE haVE crEatEd thE VandalEmoji. this EXclusiVE sEt of charactErs allows propEr communication within thE Graffiti scEnE of 2016. thE appropriatE symbols for thosE EVEry-day Vandal nEEds arE now aVailablE, fully diGital and so VEry conVEniEnt. 11

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