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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG


KNALL-ORANGE for Community Spirit A Special Can for a Special Brand We’re always thrilled when other brands or artists come to us with a great idea. So, when established German brand Jägermeister came knocking we were all ears. Skipping the deliberation process alltogether, we were sure this was going to be awesome. To make this opportune decision even more worthwhile, we decided to create a special-occasion-can in Jägermeister’s true orange color, namely „KNALL-ORANGE,“ which translates loosely to „BRIGHT-ORANGE“. Of course, under the pretext of designing the can’s litho and exchanging further ideas, we had to meet the Jägermeister Team from Wolfenbüttel, who are so passionate about their work. Naturally this – how else could it have been – was commenced by the partaking of a shot of the legendary herb digestif from Wolfenbüttel. It is likely that precisely this, made the design and campaign even more fruitful than we had hoped. The can’s design is sleek and minimalistic, sporting both the Jägermeister and the Montana Logo on the „KNALL-ORANGE“ base of the can. Of course the #wallsofwir campaign is also printed on the can. The „KNALL-ORANGE“ color was created and mixed solely for this specific can. All together 3,480 limited edition cans were produced and distributed, and because we know how much our fans love our limited edition cans, we decided to incorporate this collectable into our Collaboseries. Since the cans were not available for normal purchase, they belong to our special collectable can editions. Jägermeister understands that within a creative heart, there is graffiti, an art form that brings people together in collaboration, to create and enjoy. It is our pleasure to have played a part in this project and help further this perception of what our art form is really all about. #GERMANSPRAYPAINT #MONTANACOLLABOSERIES #WALLSOFWIR 136 137

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