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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG

Felipe Pantone We at

Felipe Pantone We at Montana-CANS are always on the lookout for creative people to work with. When it comes to street art, we have been truly fortunate to have worked together with some of the most prominent creative geniuses out there. One of whom is Felipe Pantone. The Valencia-based artist is an internationally renowned contemporary artist, who has moved his graffiti aesthetics to the absolute edge of every aspect of the spectrum. His journey of discovery that led to his unique aesthetic was born by his pursuit of a way to fuse exaggerated colorful art and his obsession with movement. The contrast of black and white and the use of vivid colors are components of his kinetic art style, which merges bold elements of graphic design with highly-evolved geometric shapes. His exceptional avant-garde artistic style teleports the viewer into another mesmerizing and vivid world, almost reminding us of the gaudy 80’s with its SMPTE color bars on the TV. With the Internet, information seems to travel at the speed of light. This feeling of rapid movement influences for one Felipe Pantone’s life through hyperactivity and extensive travel plans but also his compositions, artistic style and working methods. If it is your dream and aspiration to create something of importance in the artistic world you must be able to grasp the contemporary era in terms of pop culture and your social periphery. And Felipe Pantone has proven to be capable of even amplifying the sense of our time in his artwork. Using visual elements extracted from technology such as glitches and other digital graphical elements which represent speed, this exceptional artist creates his pieces out of any medium, giving the appearance of containing movement which can be perceived by the viewer or actually relying on motion for its effect. 24

LOOKBOOK 017 In a few pieces, he has even incorporated QR codes with messages corresponding to his artworks. Deeply influenced by one of his idols Carlos Cruz-Diez, he has perfected his take on kinetic art, and has taken the next step by incorporating 3-dimensional work. The fine arts graduate is just as at home painting on canvas or wood using varying techniques and amounts of masking tape, as he is creating freehand graffiti murals in more of an urban setting. To him, graffiti is a game of aiming to paint with the most style, the most times and bigger than anyone before. His use of mixed media in a fine art surrounding maximizes the impact his pieces have on the viewer. FELIPE PANTONE ULTRADYNAMISM 25

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