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MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG

LOOKBOOK 017 thE topsprayEr paint thrEE murals in thE capital of russia MOSES and TAPS aka the TOPSPRAYER are well known for their unconventional Graffiti actions in public space. Even if you never know what's coming next with those two graffiti-individualists, it was a big surprise when the message came out that they are working on a mural in the city of Moscow. The way they are, with no surprise, it wasn't just one mural but rather three murals at the campus of the former biggest newspaper of Russia. Followers of MOSES and TAPS know that they are not known as TOPSPRAYER for nothing because they painted as much as just a very few. MOSES and TAPS became famous on the streets. Better than that: They became famous on the tracks of Germany and Europe, where their pieces covered walls and trains long before they published a book with the title TOPSPRAYER and got even more recognition by a wider audience. In the beginning, the individual high-quality graffiti styles of MOSES and TAPS couldn't be much more different. Together they painted train systems all over the world. Nowadays, if you think of MOSES, you think of TAPS at the same time. With MOSES and TAPS , two characters of the graffiti culture (or even more?) faded together and became one, under the synonym TOPSPRAYER. The two different styles became a symbiosis within a corporate identity painted with Montana BLACK True Cyan and True Yellow. At least, you couldn't even recognize anymore who was who. 84


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