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The Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020 – Looking back to move forward to a new generation Seeing 2019 come to end was a particularly exciting thing. Not only were we the team at Montana-Cans excited by the things to come, but we also enjoyed the chance to reflect and pay tribute to all the creators, partners and supporters that helped make all we achieved possible. Ending 2019 was also joined with the realization that we had just ended a decade and started a new generation. For this very reason, the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020 is jammed packed with exceptional content. Available now in limited hard copies and digitally in the link below, we took time to revisit some of the pivotal moments, like the progress of the Montana BLACK Artist Can Series featuring DEMS and RAGE, the biggest ever Montana Cans logo mural in the LA spray day. We took a peek at the lives of the movers and shakers like Odeith and his very unique take on painting, the LOW BROS at METROPOLINK. We took some time to see the world at the home of SOBEKCIS. We shared some words with HOW & NOSM while they were working on an epic mural for the Boulevard 13 project in Paris. Artists such as Amber Vittoria and DMOTE let us into their studios to share some of their more private works. For the more under the radar artworks, we featured some of the works of veterans of steel in the form of the U.S TCI crew and their efforts on the freight trains. While OSMAN flew the European flag for innovative commuter train artwork. And while in Europe (or at least for now still in Europe), we put the magnifying glass on the UK exposing some refreshing approaches to graffiti by VOYDER, 45RPM, and PREF. "Bring The Paint" beeped heavily on the international event radar, bringing world-class graffiti art and muralism together in one space. While far away over the ocean the team at POW! WOW! and the GREETINGS TOUR teams moved from strength to strength making the international art calendar a monumental one. All this and more. With a big THANK YOU we invite you to spend some time and take a look at the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2020.

MC Which artwork that

MC Which artwork that you have made are you the most content with? HN We did a cool project in Berlin, we had our artwork in an entire subway station, like inside/outside, including some trains, with all our artwork, and that was pretty cool. We’ve done a big DC3 plane in Arizona, it’s in a museum there, it’s a very big plane that we’ve made. It’s kinda cool because you see your artwork projected differently than just on a flat surface you know, like on a canvas or on a wall, and I had to paint the bottom of the plane, the wings, and different angles. But those are just some examples really (laugh). I mean our work always as certain messages and we use different imageries to bring their messages over to the public. our work always has certain messages and we use different imageries to bring their messages over to the public. someone to do it all for you. Maybe that also made it easy for us to say yeah let’s get into this. MC Which cars do it for you the most? HN My own fucking cars (laugh). Yeah, my car is the best and the faster, what kind of question is that? That’s the all point of buying a muscle car no? They have the most muscles in it. I do like a nice-looking Lamborghini but it’s not my dream to have that like I don’t think it’s as sexy as a cool American muscle car you know, it has a proper soft to it, it’s just totally different. you see your artwork projected differently than just on a flat surface, like on a canvas or on a wall, and I had to paint the bottom of the plane, the wings, and different angles MC Most people would be aware that you guys are identical twins and you have probably had every question about this thrown at you already. But outside of working together, do you pursue solo work? Do you still do any pieces separately? If yes, how does this feel not working as a unit together? HN We don’t ever do pieces alone (laugh). MC Is it true that you have a love of muscle cars? If this is the case, did this passion arise while living in the USA or was it already in your blood? Are both of you passionate about this or one more than the other? Montana Cans SPOTLIGHT get to know: HOW & NOSM HN We both have a classic car and at the same time we have met this guy who owns a garage and works on old cars and restores classic cars so he told us how to change motors and fix interiors, everything so… Now we have nice looking classic cars. We don’t get to drive them too often anymore because we’re always busy, but. I mean we did a job for him and he had a few cars for sale and we got into talking about classic cars and became very close friends, we’re still friends and it just was natural that we got into it, I don’t think we had it in our blood but I mean who doesn’t like classic cars? We just had the opportunity to work on them and learn about them and fix them for, well saving a lot of money because our friend has a garage and he has all the tools that we can use. Otherwise you have to pay How and Nosm, or Raoul and Davide Perré, are identical twin brothers who have become prevalent figures in today's art world with their red, black and white based murals and paintings. Their largescale murals are riddled with intricate detail while staying true to their graffiti roots. 40 Interview HowNOSM IN PARIS

↘ »Sun-Daze« mural for Street Art 13 curated by Galerie Itinerrance Interview HowNOSM IN PARIS 41

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