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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022

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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022 Edition #7 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2022 edition #7. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment". The 2021/2022 period was a particularly unique period not only for Montana Cans but for the world as a whole. Mankind arrived at what we hope is the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was turbulence in many regions, and the global population started to come to terms with the new financial challenges of life. But apart from increasing prices and challenging health/social situations, there were also many positive moments that brought innovation, fun, color, and creativity back into our lives. The Montana Cans collaborations continued with our many partners, artistic friends, and organizations within the creative world, including a vast array of amazing limited-edition cans, cool collectible products, and new innovations that make painting and creating even more enjoyable than before. Countless brave event organizers pushed forward with their dreams and their world-class events, with Montana Cans as partners on board regardless of the social and political hurdles put in place in the name of health and safety. And off the radar, the global graffiti community kept on creating and pushing our culture forward despite the challenges put in place around them. Regardless of where you were in 2021/2022, steel, bricks, canvas, furniture, and even clothing all got a special creative touch that Montana Cans was proud to be part of. With this in mind, we present to you the Montana-Cans Lookbook 2022 Edition #7 for your enjoyment. Available here digitally and in limited amounts in print at selected Montana Cans partners and resellers.

About RAw mAterials And

About RAw mAterials And rising prices What’s behind raw materials price increases? Profile @montanacans Photography Daniel Schreiber Montana Cans You may have visited your local graffiti, paint, art & craft, or hardware store and wondered why the prices of Montana Cans and other spray paints or paint in general have risen. Of course, the arrival of the corona pandemic and the forced stoppages of many industries across the globe had a major impact on this scenario. An increased demand evolved and implicated a lack of availability. The current events in eastern europe are driving forces for further price instability. 150 Insight Raw Materials

← Nearly every element of a can has some connection or process that requires crude oil. T o give you a little insight about the key materials used in aerosol manufacturing. Crude oil plays a major role as it is the source of many other materials used in a spray can, however even more significant factors are the raising in the price of solvents like Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Methyl Acetate, Vinyl, and Acrylic Emulsions, the massive surge in the price of tin plate which spray cans are made of, and the gases used to propel the paint like Propan and Butan. It is not just one element in the production of spray cans that has risen in price, it is most of them! And most of these ingredients are in some way connected to the price and availability of oil. The development and availability of Acetone have been one of the most alarming factors in our industry. Acetone is one of the main liquid ingredients in paint that keeps it fluid and helps it dry. It is a derivative of petrol manufacture, a product of crude oil, and can only be produced in controlled quantities each year by its manufacturers. If world consumption of acetone increases, new plants to make it need to be created. The development and re-establishment of the steel industry post-pandemic have also meant that prices have increased exorbitantly. And if it is not the prices that have risen, the availability of steel and tin plate has decreased as those buying are doing so in larger amounts to catch up on manufacturing that didn’t happen during pandemic restrictions. ↑ Color consistency is paramount for quality. But color without chemicals and gases won’t spray it out of a can. It is not just one element in the pro duction of spray cans that has risen in price, it is most of them! And most of these ingredients are in some way connected to the price and availability of oil. Insight Raw Materials 151

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