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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022

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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022 Edition #7 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2022 edition #7. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment". The 2021/2022 period was a particularly unique period not only for Montana Cans but for the world as a whole. Mankind arrived at what we hope is the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was turbulence in many regions, and the global population started to come to terms with the new financial challenges of life. But apart from increasing prices and challenging health/social situations, there were also many positive moments that brought innovation, fun, color, and creativity back into our lives. The Montana Cans collaborations continued with our many partners, artistic friends, and organizations within the creative world, including a vast array of amazing limited-edition cans, cool collectible products, and new innovations that make painting and creating even more enjoyable than before. Countless brave event organizers pushed forward with their dreams and their world-class events, with Montana Cans as partners on board regardless of the social and political hurdles put in place in the name of health and safety. And off the radar, the global graffiti community kept on creating and pushing our culture forward despite the challenges put in place around them. Regardless of where you were in 2021/2022, steel, bricks, canvas, furniture, and even clothing all got a special creative touch that Montana Cans was proud to be part of. With this in mind, we present to you the Montana-Cans Lookbook 2022 Edition #7 for your enjoyment. Available here digitally and in limited amounts in print at selected Montana Cans partners and resellers.


12 Montana BEACH TOWEL Montana typo Logo Beach Towel blue The new Montana Cans BEACH TOWEL has a new addition to the collection. There is no substitute for the Montana TYPO LOGO BEACH TOWEL if you are at the beach, in the pool or just getting out of the shower. The 70cm x 140cm sizing is perfect for any body size, just as its easy machine-washable care. This super-comfortable, 450GSM 100% bright Blue Cotton Frotee towel with white Montana typo logo design will be the ultimate eye-catcher at any swimming outing, in wet areas, after showering, or at the park on a summer's day. 13 Montana Cans X Kleen Kanteen drink bottle Kleen Kanteen is a company that prides itself on creating long-life, multiuse drinking containers that are made from high-quality materials that help fight the war against single-use plastic waste. The ideal partners for a limited edition Montana Cans X Kleen Kanteen drink bottle with a unique Sellout-Industries train yard screen printed image. This elegant black bottle holds 800ml (27oz) of cold fluid and is made of a stainless steel body with a BPA-free sports cap for easy use. Mandatory for any creative or active adventure wherever you are. 14 Montana GOLD Active Cyan New Montana GOLD Fluorescent color: Active Cyan F6200 The Montana GOLD Fluorescent range with its superior coverage, handling, and luminosity has just grown one color stronger. By public demand, we welcome Active Cyan F6200 to the now 8 colors strong Montana GOLD Fluorescent color assortment. With its water-like turquoise orientations, it rounds up the Fluorescent color palette! 158 Products

15 Black ArTist Edition Cloakwork BLACK Artist Edition #22 CLOAKWORK The Asian graffiti scene is unique within the world graffiti movement and often dances to the beat of a different graffiti drum compared to its American or European colleagues. This is one of the reasons why the work of the Malaysian graffiti artist CLOAKWORK stands out from the crowd. With a mixture of meanings for the artist, the marriage of the words CLOAK and WORK are a sum of CLOAK (to be hidden or stealth) and WORK (which reflects his drive for action and movement). As the 22nd feature artist on the Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, it is no surprise that he chose to reinvent the much-loved color Clockwork Orange BLK2070 with a visual homage to the cult film “A Clockwork Orange”. The movie from which the color's name is inspired. BLK 2070 Clockwork OranGE PIGMENTS: N.A. LIGHTFASTNESS: N.A. COVERAGE: OPAQUE CMYK: C1 M58 Y97 K0 RGB: R239 G128 B13 HEX: #EF800D How did the Montana BLACK Cloakwork Orange Artist Series Can concept by Malaysian writer CLOAKWORK come about? Find out on pages 18–25. 16 Cotton Bag CLOAKWORK ORANGE Montana Cotton Bag CLOAKWORK ORANGE The new CLOAKWORK Orange design Montana Cotton Bag is the perfect accessory to celebrate the release of the CLOAKWORK Limited Edition Montana BLACK artist can. With plenty of humor and a lot of skill, the Malaysian-born artist CLOAKWORK who resides in Kuala Lumpur, has cleverly extended on the cult cinema classic, “A Clockwork Orange”. Picking his favorite Montana BLACK color, Clockwork Orange 2070, with his bag design CLOAKWORK has added yet another icon to the collectible Montana Cotton bag range. The now-classic 38cm x 42cm sizing which is made of 100% quality cotton, ensures practicality and style when ever you need to carry anything. 17 PERMANENT SHORT marker black The new improved Montana PERMANENT SHORT marker Short and sweet, that's the secret to a small marker for all those moments when you want to make your mark discretely. The 4mm, alcohol-based Montana PERMANENT SHORT marker black has always ticked those boxes. With its new formula, the PERMANENT SHORT marker black now flows with an even richer black ink. Maintaining its place as an ideal small, robust, managable marker for tagging, marking, calligraphy, and daily use. Products 159

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