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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022

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Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2022 Edition #7 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2022 edition #7. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment". The 2021/2022 period was a particularly unique period not only for Montana Cans but for the world as a whole. Mankind arrived at what we hope is the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was turbulence in many regions, and the global population started to come to terms with the new financial challenges of life. But apart from increasing prices and challenging health/social situations, there were also many positive moments that brought innovation, fun, color, and creativity back into our lives. The Montana Cans collaborations continued with our many partners, artistic friends, and organizations within the creative world, including a vast array of amazing limited-edition cans, cool collectible products, and new innovations that make painting and creating even more enjoyable than before. Countless brave event organizers pushed forward with their dreams and their world-class events, with Montana Cans as partners on board regardless of the social and political hurdles put in place in the name of health and safety. And off the radar, the global graffiti community kept on creating and pushing our culture forward despite the challenges put in place around them. Regardless of where you were in 2021/2022, steel, bricks, canvas, furniture, and even clothing all got a special creative touch that Montana Cans was proud to be part of. With this in mind, we present to you the Montana-Cans Lookbook 2022 Edition #7 for your enjoyment. Available here digitally and in limited amounts in print at selected Montana Cans partners and resellers.

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CW I have nothing against it but I think it’s good that some commercial cooperations are starting to appreciate it. It’s a good way to go. But as for the artist’s point of view, we just have to try to balance it out and not sell out. Always remember the street. MC As a Malaysian artist, how do you, your peers, and colleagues see your graffiti community? Are you a locally based entity, do you actively connect and work with other writers nationally, or is it a continental thing, and your friendship reach and art practice is Asia-wide? I grew up spending a lot of time joining graffiti events as a spectator, sitting down to observe and trying to understand how each writer slowly crafted their masterpiece. CW They are very open and interested in it and often ask me to bring them around when I’m dropping a piece, or going to a graffiti event. Yes, I’m locally based and I always connect to other writers. I always like to have fun jamming around regardless. In my opinion, Asia graffiti is still catching up and we are still exploring and finding our own identity. Also, Asian graffiti is not really that hardcore in terms of train bombing and streets. We need to fill that gap! Most people in Asia are likely to accept graffiti, as they think this is something fresh and colorful. They are really welcoming of it. Whereas in the USA, Europe, or the UK, I understand that it’s saturated. For example, if you just walk out of your house, you’ll see graffiti around you. I think that makes the people kind of sick of it? ↓ “Will work for cans”. Cloakwork reminds us that cans are currency in the graffiti game. graffiti jams is definitely a lot of fun as we can all share laughter, jokes, and ideas together. I like that. I do have days when I like to paint small walls and just spend time alone crafting a piece with nothing but music and no stress. MC In the past, we have featured the boat project you worked on. That’s not something many writers can say they have done. How did you get involved with that project and was that a significant job on your C.V? CW I’m an “always up for a challenge” type of person, and one day my Taiwanese friend (Bamboo) asked me if I was interested to paint on a tourist cruise ship. Immediately I agreed to it. Due to the covid19 situation, I wasn’t able to travel to Taiwan to paint it myself so I had to communicate this with my friend Bamboo. He and his team managed to do it for me. Everything went smoothly and it was one of the most significant jobs for me. MC How do you see graffiti being used for commercial purposes? Do you have an opinion or a mindset on this aspect of graffiti culture? 22 Black Artist Edition Cloakwork

MC Is illegal graffiti aspired to or frowned upon by the writing community? CW Not at all, we always like to see both of them growing. MC Are there any special considerations to being a writer in Malaysia that other countries may not even think about? For example weather conditions or dangerous animals in painting spots? CW One of the things to be considered is that our weather is unpredictable, it can be very sunny and a moment later it’s raining. One good thing about being in Malaysia is that we get to enjoy longer daylight (7:30 pm sunset). We don’t have dangerous animals in painting spots besides mosquitoes that cause dengue fever. MC Is it cultural in Asia that the elder writers assist and “bring up” the younger guys? Or is there a divide? CW In my case, I provide the opportunity to younger or more inexperienced writers and would ask others to paint together with me. Or encourage them to go to a graffiti festival so that they can learn from observation and experience. Most people in Asia are likely to accept graffiti, as they think this is something fresh and colorful. They are really welcoming of it. Whereas in the USA, Europe, or the UK, I understand that it’s saturated. ↑ Lost in the moment. An experience that is universal for graffiti writers all over the world. MC Any career highlights for you until now on your graffiti path? CW The chance to have my design painted on a tourist cruise ship (painted by my Taiwan friends due to travel restrictions during covid19) was a highlight. Besides that, I was also given a chance to paint one of the top airline company’s offices in 2019. MC Do you have a favorite cap and can combination and why? CW Definitely the combination of a Montana GOLD or BLACK with the Montana Level 1 cap for small fills and outlines. Or the Montana Level 5 cap for filling in larger surface areas. Black Artist Edition Cloakwork 23

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