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Montana LOOKBOOK #08 / 2023

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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2023 Issue #8 It's that time again to welcome the release of the Montana Cans Lookbook 2023 edition #8. There is no rewind button on life, making it all the more important to reflect on the year that was, and the things that happened during that period. The Montana-Cans Lookbook does just that and reflects on some of the highlights from the year prior. A moment to reflect on those things that may not have received as much shine as they deserved while being "in the moment".

IntroducinggraffitiartistRoidsLocationLondon, UKProfile@willis82PhotographyRoidsNot enough boxesto tick↑ Breaking the chainsof graffiti and simplifyingin the process.28 Artist in focus Roids

If you are into graffiti, urban art, street art,or graffiti fine art, it is unlikely that youhaven't heard of the London-born graffitiartist ROIDS. Although active long before,it was around 2008 - 2012 that the graffitiworld was taken aback by the supremeprecision and innovation of this groundbreakingartist.His artwork became a driving force on aglobal stage.Starting in his hometown of London and rapidlyspilling over the borders to Europe and theworld beyond, via the internet, graffiti printpress, and soon after via the praise of the fineart and design worlds, the name ROIDS found itself notonly speaking to a larger audience, his artwork alsobecame a driving force on a global stage.A point that was reiterated by a successfulentry in the exhibiting of illustrationwork in 2011 at the Known Gallery andfollowed by a sellout debut solo galleryshow in 2012 at Topsafe gallery.His 2008 alliance with the U.S-based crewMSK only ramped things up further as his well-earnedstreet cred now steamrolled forwards catching the eyeof not only the graffiti international graffiti communitybut also the international fine artists, curators, designers,and collectors nationally and abroad. A point thatwas reiterated by a successful entry in the exhibiting ofillustration work in 2011 at the Known Gallery andfollowed by a sellout debut solo gallery show in 2012 atTopsafe gallery.↖ With only black,white and gray, ROIDSexplores his uniquemerge of graffiti andtypography.↑ Installed and in-↑ thralled. Viewersare drawn to ROIDS’swork on levels aboveand beyond graffiti.↑ A brave move, removingmost, if notall, elements of thebackground onlymakes the eye trawldeeper into his impressiveletters.Artist in focus Roids29

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