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MontanaCans Lookbook 2019

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Every organisation that was built up on passion and a love of what they do, finds themselves more and more pro-active in their work each year. Montana Cans is no exception as we strive to make the best cans on earth. But that is no excuse to reflect on all the extra curriculum activities like collaborations, festival, project and artist support that happen through the year as well. After all this helped create history. The Montana Cans LOOKBOOK gives an outlet to remember, reflect and reward those who deserve a little extra attention with some extra glow of the spotlight. With great pleasure, we announce the online release of the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2019, looking back at some of the highlights of 2019. This edition delves into many projects such as the Montana Cans limited edition cans that featured Mina & Bruce (plus interview), Felipe Pantone, Most and Flying Förtress. We reminisce on the cool collabo's we were involved in with Happy Socks, Good Guy Boris and Reebok Sneakers. We get re-inspired by feature articles on artists IMAGINE, THE LONDON POLICE, FRAU ISA, 1010 and 1UP CREW. We take a look at some of the urban art festivals that raised the bar even higher like METROPOLINK, POW!WOW ROTTERDAM and the THE BERLIN MURAL FESTIVAL. With eyes wide open we scratch under the surface of some alternative disciplines within graffiti culture. The spotlight gets turned on ABSTRACT LETTERING, GRAFFITI ON FREIGHTS and CALLIGRAFFITI. We share some knowledge on the new products like the Montana BLACK INFRA colors and Montana BOLD marker line, which took the industry by storm. Just as the special moment that was the grand opening of the MONTANA STORE VIENNA with our industry partners CONCRETE, did. All this and more over 160 enthralling full color pages.


With a city slogan like "Rotterdam—Make it happen", it was no wonder that the harbour city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands is the first city to host the internationally renowned and proudly Montana Cans supported, POW! WOW! Festival. This lively city has been experiencing a boom like never before. The financial and cultural progressions have meant the city has outgrown its tall, grey, dreary, concrete structures. All of which cover this shipping metropolis. These are the very same structures that have until now, given it its mood. Grey, industrial and far from motivational. However the Rotterdam of today runs at a different speed. It's spritely, upbeat and multicultural. On the ground, there is color, action and the atmosphere is positive. The perfect time, place and context to host A hub of creativity and a centre for art, Rotterdam has been home to artists for centuries. Names like the late Willem De Kooning are amongst some of the talents to call the city home. Fast forward to September 15 & 16, 2018 and the POW! WOW! Festival arrives. Bringing with it more artistic big names with the common goal to spread color and create together. The only greys as far as the eye could see were the specifically chosen Montana Cans grey tones that carefully fit within their specifically chosen concepts. The local aerosol heavy weights rubbed shoulders and shared ideas with their equally motivated, international peers. An energy shared and celebrated by the onlookers and festival goers who were also rewarded in the evening by the classic POW! WOW! musical celebrations, that also saw both local and international artists rock the stages. Unique to the POW! WOW! Rotterdam event, the artistic endeavours were split into three artistic platforms. POW! WOW! ROTTERDAM — 2018. Large-scale murals featuring: BIER EN BROOD, DAN KITCHENER, DANNY RUMBL, DILK, DOPIE, DZIA & SONS, ENIGMA GEOMETRICKS, FANAKAPAN, I AM EELCO, KARSKI & BEYOND, ME LIKE PAINTING, MR. JUNE, NUNO VIEGAS, OZON, SUPER A, TELMO MIEL, ZEPHA. 20 vans 30 cans (van painting) featuring: CES53, HIPSTERSKULLS, JOREN JOSHUA., ILSE WEISFELT, IVES ONE, JAKE, LEMPKE, GOMAD, MICK LA ROCK, MISTER, NASH, NEAS, OLES, OX ALIEN, PAGE3, POP-EYE, SAID KINOS, SREK, STOOG, SUNK. And PART ONE unique group exhibition, curated by Rewriters010 featuring: DAGMAR DERKSEN, DALIT LYMOR, FRANKY STICKS, ILONA BAL, KID KURA, NAAMLOOOZZ, QUIN DE VREEDE, RIQ E TIQ, THIJS LANSBERGEN, TIM MULDER. 121

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