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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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german quality spray

german quality spray paint since 1996 Latest Products 1 MONTANA ULTRA WIDE 750ML Light Blue / Power Green The name says it all. The Montana ULTRA WIDE is the ultimate contemporary urban calligraphy and ultra-wide line creating tool. Now including the colors Power Green and Light Blue Green, the ULTRA WIDE range also features the colors Kicking Yellow, Red, Royal Purple, Blue, Nappies, Black, Snow White, and Chrome. These ultra-high-pressure spray cans boast a spray width that varies from 15cm if applied rapidly at close range, to approx. 60cm if applied at a greater distance with a slower spray stroke. 2 Montana 3D Hologram Eggshell Sticker The new Montana 3D Hologram Sticker pack takes eggshell stickers to the next level. The high quality, 100mm x 65mm eggshell stickers come in packs of 50 pieces and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. With extra shimmer in direct light or sunlight, the holographic pattern is the perfect base for your hand styles or public artworks. Grab your Montana BOLD markersand prepare your artwork in the comfort of your own home or studio. Remember to peel the sticker carefully as the classic eggshell sticker characteritics of deterioration upon removal apply. The perfect additon for your Montana Utility bag supplies. Get even more attention amongst the noise of urban calligraphy. 130 Products

3 Montana Empty Marker 8mm Chisel Tip The Montana EMPTY Marker 8mm Chisel is the shorter hybrid of the larger EMPTY marker assortment. Also featuring the specially optimized valve system for best flow control, the refillable empty body of the 8mm CHISEL holds 14ml of liquid and is slightly shorter for easy use and fast stowing. Suitable for all Montana inks and paints, the marker is supplied empty with mixing balls included. The replaceable sharp 8mm chisel tip is ideal for the delivery of dye ink, and the Montana BOLD Ultra Ink 200ml refill. Montana EMPTY Markers are also available as 8mm/ 2mm round, 10mm/ 3mm chisel, 15mm standard, and 10mm crusher. Highest quality manufacturing - MADE IN GERMANY 4 Montana Rust effect 400ml Rust and oxidization illusion For the illusion of rust and oxidization. Can be used on various surfaces. The effect is created by a nitro-combi formulation that mimics the appearance of oxidized. Available in Orange-Brown and Brown. Can be top coated and combined with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYL- IC markers, and customary acrylic paints once completely dry. 5 Montana SCHWARZ 500ml High Pressure Graffiti Spray Paint Montana SCHWARZ 500ml is a recycled BLACK formula for more paint, less waste and a one-off production at a reduced price. Don’t sleep on this and get them while theyre available. We won’t produce them again in the near future: The Montana BLACK is the prime tool for graffiti writing all over the world. Making the best cans has its rewards, but also comes with a lot of different responsibilities. Everything must be created with full attention and always to the exact, precise formula. With every production of the Montana BLACK spraypaint, there is a small surplus of raw materials and ingredients which are premium in quality but would not meet the same quality standards of the Montana BLACK BLK9001 Black. Usually this surplus ends up being trashed. After playing around with this remains we believe that they still can be used for painting, so we decided to collect them and put them into a spraycan. We created the new Montana SCHWARZ which is an budget-friendly version of the Montana BLACK BLK9001 Black, in a similar quality. The results being less waste and more black paint at an lower price for the artists. We recommend using this can outside for bigger or faster artworks due to its high pressure output. Products 131

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