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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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MC Do you still have the

MC Do you still have the classic graffiti urges to just “go and drop a piece”, or would you rather develop a larger scale work that takes longer and includes the AR integration? BT I try to keep the balance between fast and elaborate work. I really can’t work on a piece too long. Even on large scale murals I get bored after 3 days max. I have a couple of walls and abandoned spots around my house where I go regularly and do 1-3 hour freestyle pieces without much planning to blow off steam. Without those regular sessions I really get in a bad mood and I found out that I need those, just like a type of meditation. I have this abandoned complex a few miles away from me where I can paint in solitude and sometimes, I go there for a couple of days just sleeping in the ruins, painting 12 hours straight. Sometimes I paint 10-15 pieces a day like that. It’s like a challenge for me to see how much I can do and to tick ideas off my list. I keep a long list with random ideas for pieces that I work from top to bottom. But it’s never over. BT Montana Black and the cap it comes with (black/pink fatcap). I rarely use anything else. MC What is the worst food experience you have had while traveling? BT Interesting last question! There are a few actually. New Year’s eve in Mumbai 2010, I ate some bad chicken that knocked me out for 10 days straight. Lost 8 kg and took me about three weeks to fully recover. In Indonesia I had some very spicy sauce that I rubbed in my eye by accident. I was sure that I’d go blind that evening. In Taipei, somebody served us cluttered duck blood in a very spicy sauce for breakfast after a drinking night…bahhh. And the goat brain curry in Delhi was tough as well… That place was so inspiring, and I have kept on painting according to my “Japan list” for almost two years now to get rid of all the ideas. ↓ Art is BOND’s place where anything goes. His ability to translate ideas into artworks leads to a vast array of mark-making and compositional decisions. → The studio perspective. Amazing art works complimented by amazing art making tools. Just one of the places where BOND pushes things forward. MC If you had to choose only one medium to work in, what would it be? BT Tough one. But spray paint wins. Sitting in front of a screen all day is not cool. MC Do you have a favorite country you like to visit, or would you prefer to keep visiting the ones you’ve never been to? BT I’d really like to go back to Japan. That place was so inspiring, and I have kept on painting according to my “Japan list” for almost two years now to get rid of all the ideas. Also, southeast Asia always has been a good place and I definitely always enjoy the US. But there is a bunch of interesting places and every country has its perks. I’m not picky about that. These days it’s hard to plan trips and think about traveling though! MC What’s your favorite Montana can and cap combination? 50 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv 51

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