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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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The artwork is a gift

The artwork is a gift that keeps on giving. As a finished piece, it is something special to look at. Both technically and aesthetically impressive. However the mural goes way beyond this. Working with augmented reality, BOND spends just as much, if not more time in the preparation of his murals than in the painting of them. In the case of “Stairway to Heaven”, if viewers scan the artwork with the Artivive app, or scan a photo of it, an animation created for the mural is activated. Taking the concept beyond just a painting on the streets – just try it! BOND has a rich history of combining art and travel. Apart from his homeland Germany and the surrounding countries of Europe, countries like Egypt, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan all belong to his list of countries he has painted in. And it shows in his diverse artwork. Take a moment for yourself to lose yourself in “The stairway to Heaven”. Using the app artivive while holding on the mural or even the photo of it will allow you to experience also the digital layers behind! ↓ Due to being 4 stories up, few viewers will be able to appreciate the intricacy of the 8 spheres that make up the chrome arrow in “Stairway to Heaven”. Montana Cans SPOTLIGHT get to know: Bond Truluv The name conjures up many possibilities as to what the work of such a named artist could be like. But one thing it does capture is BOND’s love of what he does. Whether it be the love of detail, love of illusion, or even just the love of color. It is all there in a unique package that goes way beyond the norm. 54 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

↓ Nothing short of captivating. BOND poses in front of this eye catching masterpiece which was warmly welcomed by the local Mannheim community. ↖ Scan with the Artivive-App! Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv 55

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