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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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The images you show your

The images you show your mother, graffiti takes you to places that other people never reach. 74 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

The alternative plan is France. From Freiburg, via Burgundy to Provence. If things go well, back up to the coast of the Mediterranean. As is so often the case on the way south, we make one of the first stops at Bay in Freiburg and spend a few nice days with him in Basel. It is now midsummer. We are on the banks of the Rhine. In order to not melt, we cool down in the stream on the hour. Bay shows us some interesting places on our route on a large map. As the founder of the Down By The River Crew, he is very familiar with the rivers in France. His tactic: always look for crossings of tracks and waterways! So, we shimmy along the rivers to the south according to his plan. In the depots, we almost only find plastic train models with rainbow decals, but the out of service trains from the last decades gather in many places. This year’s tour acquires the working title; “Tour de Trash” for a short time but is later named the Tour de France. Since we discover so many beautiful places and regions on the way, the Mediterranean Sea remains a long way off, and we say goodbye to the dream of again being able to bathe in saltwater. ← Cooling off in regular intervals. The French summer in full swing, pool included. ↓ Under a moonlit sky, night time is the right time. Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour 75

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