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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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photography by Musa

MONTANA CANS LOOKBOOK 2021 Without even having a moment to realize it, 2020 had ended as fast as it came. And 2021 started with as much confusion as 2020 ended. It is easy to turn on the television and be constantly reminded about how negative everything is or was. But the real challenge, and the reward, lie in wiping off the dust, removing our masks, and taking a deep breath, reflecting on all the good things that happened. All those amazing things that happened before, during, or after all the restrictions. The projects and ideas that wouldn’t have happened if we were still running up and down our old paths. So, what did happen in 2020? Well, actually a lot! In the Montana-Cans LOOK- BOOK 2021, which is the sixth edition of the LOOKBOOK series, we start the celebration with the freshly cooked cover illustration by one of our favorite Italian artists, LUGOSIS and STRATO200’s. Not only are their quirky characterizations known to the graffiti community the world over, but you may also recognize their style on every box of Montana BLACK cans. The start of 2021 marks the release of the 20th edition Montana BLACK Artist Edition cans by ATOM ONE. Not only special release as it is the 20th can in the series, but also as it pays extra respect to an artist that has well and truly earned it. The gray areas of copyright infringement and artists’ legal rights were also given a shakeup in 2020. So much so that the SEVENTH LETTER lawyer Jeff Gluck, CHINA TOWN MARKET, and Montana-Cans collabora ted in creating the “Call my Lawyer” can. Collaborating and staying socially connected in times of isolation and restricted social contact proved to be more important than ever in 2020. Making the release of the Montana-Cans x NITRO Backpack collaboration even more poignant. The icing on the cake being the SPRAYCATION patch series that told a story about travel and adventure that sits harmoniously on the NITRO bag. It wasn’t all about products and gadgets however, 2020 also saw the artistic development of many prolific artists who reached new levels. Artists like BOND TRULUV, blowing us away with his unique world of augmented reality that is based on one of the most solid outdoor and studio practices in the game. We reconnected to the streets with the gritty French bomber, KENO. Taking us on a visual adventure filled with the mark-making of a dedicated individual. The Israeli photographer MUSA FRAMES rose to our attention with his photographic documentation so close to the action, you can almost smell the sweat. Not to mention the amazing innovations of German artist, NOMAD. Pushing graffiti letter style writing to places it has never been before. And that’s just some of it. No one knows what will lie ahead, nor how the future of Graffiti, Urban art, and Visual art, in general, will look. One thing is for sure, it has never been more important to be creative than it is now. From all the team at Montana-Cans to all our loyal sup - porters, partners, and collaborators, we thank you for keeping the creative fire burning and making the world a colorful place. Onward, and upward. Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2021 Editorial 7

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