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MontanaCans LOOKBOOK 2021

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Cloakwork Graffiti on a

Cloakwork Graffiti on a tourist cruise ship Making fast work for the sea The Malaysian graffiti artist Cloakwork was not exempt from the obligations and restrictions of Covid-19. As with many artists, during this time, many projects were either postponed or canceled altogether. Location Taiwan ↓ Negotiating the curves of the bow of a ship, a different experience from painting walls on terra firma. ProfileS @cloakwork @bambooyang @jrt.artwork @montanacans_taiwan Photography @bambooyang 96 Production Cloakwork

In 2020, for Cloakwork, there was one important project that almost slipped through his fingers. The painting of a large cruise ship in Taiwan. With a travel ban and lockdown in place, he assumed there was no way to get the project done on time. Even if he was soon able to travel to Taiwan and start his work. But where there is a will, there is a way. ↓ Scaffolding in dry dock, just one of the hurdles that were faced and conquered by Cloakwork and his team. ↑ A moment to think. Working on a job as big as a cruise ship with a closing deadline is no easy feat. Memories are the best souvenirs, we must not get so busy making a living that we forget to make a life. Production Cloakwork 97

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